Post Holiday Bloat

Due to some vacation time that had to be either used or lost, neither Brad nor I have been among the working class since last Friday.  As in, the 18th.  No work.  For a week.

I don't know how I am going to cope once Monday comes around.

A small breakdown may be a'brewing.

Or possibly a temper tantrum.  Can 31 year olds have temper tantrums?

Let's not dwell.  Instead, let's focus on how fantastic the past week off has been.  In the past 7 days, we have (in no particular order) :

- Been sledding three times
- Out to eat with family and new friends
- Started a new fashion trend of tutus and swim goggles

- Consumed more cookies than one family of three safely should (Thank goodness no pictures of that, but if you would like to to post a picture of how large my rump has become over the last week, I'll consider.  I bow easily to peer pressure.)
- Survived 12 inches of what Brad has sacastically dubbed "Snowmagedon '09" (as a true Minnesotan, he scoffs at any weathercaster that he believes 'overreacts' to coming snow.  I, on the otherhand, hide in the corner and cry because the weatherman just told me to.)

- Taken our princess to see the new Disney princess movie.  I must admit, I let out a huge sigh when I saw Tiana's family was poor, worked for the rich white man, and lived in a shack, but you know what?  It was cute.  It was a cute movie, and Tes says she is the most beautiful princess there is.  Thats all a mom can ask for.  (Oh, and the music was great!)
- Went swimming

- Three holiday parties, consisting of lots of catching up, lots of laughing, and of course, lots of present opening.

I am sure there is more, but my brain is fried, and my husband just walked through the door with some mint ice cream in hand.  To not go dish a bowl would just be rude!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Here is to the new year - and our many hopes and plans.


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  1. love the black and white! Lyn-Dee