Thank you, and Goodbye

I've been pondering this move for awhile now.  The end to 'blogging'.  Why do I blog, anyway?  To hear myself talk?

I can do that anytime, without throwing it out on cybersapce.

"Hi Beth.  It's me, Beth.  You've got a cute face, but that rump - WHOA.  Talk about a ba-donk-a-donk.  Anyway, to the task at hand - Do you really have anything you need to talk about that the entire world needs to hear?  And the constant stories about your daughter - now that she is getting older, don't you think she wants a little privacy?  Needs a little privacy?  You would have had a three headed cow if your mother would have posted potentially embarassing stories about you during your formative years for all to see.  For your potential friends, boyfriends, teachers, employers to do a search on the internet and giggle at.  Doesn't it all make you feel a little icky?

Yeah, I thought so."

So here it goes.  I've decided.  The end of 'blogging' in the form it is now.  I just don't have it in me anymore.  And the fact that I don't regret, feel bad, or think I will miss it?  That right there is a sign.  I've overstayed my welcome.  I should have just ended it at 'hope you don't hate the cold' - but I thought I would try a new avenue.  It didn't work.  I am uninspired, and no longer want to subject Tes (my main blogging subject) to the exposure.

Yet, to contradict myself (I am good at that) - I had also decided a long time ago that this is the year I would participate in Project 365 - One picture a day, for 365 days.  I want to grow as a photographer, I want to become so comfortable with my camera it becomes an extention of my hand.  I also like the idea that a year of my life will be documented.  It is like a photo-diary of sorts.  So, I am starting another page.  *sigh*  I know.  But it is not the same, I swear!

It is photography based.  Though I can't commit to posting my picture every day (I may post a weeks worth of pictures in one day... we'll see what works best) - It will be mostly about the pictures.  Though the inaugural picture is of my Little One, I am making a vow to myself that it will NOT be all Tes all the time.  I will not be using anyone's real names.  I will be light on words - just enough to add caption to the picture.

One picture a day, for 365 days, starting with the first day of my 32nd year and ending with my 33rd.
If you wish, follow it here : bowlofpicklesoup.wordpress.com

As for this blog?  I will probably be deleting it soon.  No need for it to be hanging around the internets forever.  As for 'hope you don't hate cold'?  Well, I'm much more sentimental about that one.  I believe I am going to take the time (and money) to make a book of most of the pages for Tes.  After I am done, it too will be deleted.

A very sincere thank you for all that have given encouraging words, thoughts, and comments during my blogging. 



The Makings of a Mom

It was two years ago today we 'met' our Tesfanesh, through paperwork and two photos.  Oh dear... the photos.  I tear up every single time I see them.

The bald head, the toothy smile.

The short pants, the tiny hands on the little extended belly.
They get me every time.

We thought we loved you then, looking at these pictures, that it was love at first sight.  Which it was, to some degree - but we just didn't know the half of it.  I could never had comprehended on just how much I could really love another human being until I met you.
Until I became a mother.
And it all started out today, two years ago.




Far too worn to blog.  Two hours.  Full house.  Kids everywhere.

One rockin' 4 year old birthday party.

Just popping in long enough to show this :

The above is photographic evidence of the birthday girl cheating at pin the nose on the dalmatian.  See her tilting her head to peek out the bottom?


I can't believe you are four.  My baby?!  FOUR?!

I need to go lay down.



Goodbye 2009...

... you were a good year.  A year that has brought me stability.  No extreme changes, just a year of gaining a firm-footing.  In motherhood, family, job, and life.

Now that I have restored my equilibrium and refilled my bucket, I look forward to 2010.  I predict good things.  For you, too!

So bring it on, 2010.  Oh - but first, one request?  Let's have an early spring.  Okay?  The older I get, the less and less tolerant I become of these winters.
Much obliged.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Wishing you peace, happiness, and growth this coming year.



Post Holiday Bloat

Due to some vacation time that had to be either used or lost, neither Brad nor I have been among the working class since last Friday.  As in, the 18th.  No work.  For a week.

I don't know how I am going to cope once Monday comes around.

A small breakdown may be a'brewing.

Or possibly a temper tantrum.  Can 31 year olds have temper tantrums?

Let's not dwell.  Instead, let's focus on how fantastic the past week off has been.  In the past 7 days, we have (in no particular order) :

- Been sledding three times
- Out to eat with family and new friends
- Started a new fashion trend of tutus and swim goggles

- Consumed more cookies than one family of three safely should (Thank goodness no pictures of that, but if you would like to to post a picture of how large my rump has become over the last week, I'll consider.  I bow easily to peer pressure.)
- Survived 12 inches of what Brad has sacastically dubbed "Snowmagedon '09" (as a true Minnesotan, he scoffs at any weathercaster that he believes 'overreacts' to coming snow.  I, on the otherhand, hide in the corner and cry because the weatherman just told me to.)

- Taken our princess to see the new Disney princess movie.  I must admit, I let out a huge sigh when I saw Tiana's family was poor, worked for the rich white man, and lived in a shack, but you know what?  It was cute.  It was a cute movie, and Tes says she is the most beautiful princess there is.  Thats all a mom can ask for.  (Oh, and the music was great!)
- Went swimming

- Three holiday parties, consisting of lots of catching up, lots of laughing, and of course, lots of present opening.

I am sure there is more, but my brain is fried, and my husband just walked through the door with some mint ice cream in hand.  To not go dish a bowl would just be rude!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Here is to the new year - and our many hopes and plans.