The Makings of a Mom

It was two years ago today we 'met' our Tesfanesh, through paperwork and two photos.  Oh dear... the photos.  I tear up every single time I see them.

The bald head, the toothy smile.

The short pants, the tiny hands on the little extended belly.
They get me every time.

We thought we loved you then, looking at these pictures, that it was love at first sight.  Which it was, to some degree - but we just didn't know the half of it.  I could never had comprehended on just how much I could really love another human being until I met you.
Until I became a mother.
And it all started out today, two years ago.



  1. Sigh, she's so adorable. Always loved the smilies she gets. I hope she likes her new cousin!

  2. So easy to see why you feel in love. Dan and I were just talking last night about how fast time flies. Two years...amazing...you are a great mother and as a family have come so far. congrats.